Rabbit 2


Thank you for visiting the website of the FC Edmonton Rally Rabbit. Never heard of him? He’s a bit of a soccer legend around these parts. You can learn more about him by reading below then clicking through to our main page.

Our hero calls upon you to join his most important mission: to return FC Edmonton professional soccer to our fans by bringing the Canadian Premier League to our city.

It might be hard to understand why a rabbit (of all creatures) is leading the charge for a professional sports team in Edmonton. To some, it might seem silly. We understand this. But the reality is, he isn’t just a rabbit. He’s our very own symbol of hope and resilience. He’s a game-changer who brought us victory many times before.

Since 2011, the Rally Rabbit has been a permanent hero of FC Edmonton fans. He’s appeared on club jerseys, supporter’s scarves, tickets and is now a social media rock star. He’s a part of our professional soccer history, beloved by our fans.

The legend of the Rally Rabbit was born June 26, 2011 at Foote Field. We were down 3-0 going into half-time against the Montreal Impact  in the Canadian Championships Quarterfinals. Then, destiny took over. From out of nowhere a rabbit hopped the fence and ran onto the field driving the crowd into a frenzy. When the second half started our boys in blue rallied. Then, we won. Sometimes fate sends a message, sometimes in the form of a furry pitch invader.

Since that day our here, the FC Edmonton Rally Rabbit has made numerous unscripted appearances on the field in our stadium and each time, he is welcomed with the roar of the crowd. His connection with our supporter groups, and young fans is undeniable. He’s an essential part of our story and who we are and we’re not afraid to hide it.